My Mission

“My mission is to support you by stimulating your body’s natural ability to heal itself. Restoring your muscles to their optimal functioning condition means that you get to live your life more in the present moments and not distracted by the pain.”

Jen Musser, LMT, BCTMB

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Who I Am :

I’m a bodyworker who helps clients experiencing pain-related issue(s) in the neck, back and shoulders. I believe in working with (not against) the body, to restore it to it’s optimal functioning condition. In addition to massage and bodywork treatments, I enjoy educating patients and empowering them through self-care techniques and education. This gives the client back the control over their own health and wellness and leaves them less dependent on me (or anyone else for that matter) long-term.

PH: (719) 799 0509

Located Inside: Colorado Accident & Injury,

4740 Flintridge Drive, CO 80918