Master Practitioner Bodywork Session

60 Minutes – $150

90 Minutes – $225

This 60 or 90-minute bodywork session is clinically driven. It is intended to alleviate pain patterns and address ongoing areas of discomfort.

Wellness Program

12-month commitment

The wellness program is a monthly membership subscription that allows you to receive customized relaxation sessions on a monthly basis at a reduced rate. Relaxation massages are intended to reduce stress, pain, fatigue, eliminate toxins, improve flexibility, improve sleep, enhance immunity, and improve circulation (to name a few).

Postural Assessment & Correction

Assess and corrects structural perpetuating factors that may be keeping you in pain (e.g. leg length discrepancy, hyperpronation, and hemi-pelvic asymmetry).Generally takes 20-30 mins and includes all necessary items to make corrections if necessary (ie insoles, heel lift). Client must supply a good pair of shoes. Insoles tend to work best with “Keen”, “Merrill”, or “Birkenstock” brands.